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Young Adults (14-24)


  • One-on-one career guidance and planning
  • Opportunity for young adults to meet academic, post-secondary education, and employment goals
  • Help in creating and accomplishing a plan for the future

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OhioMeansJobs|Cleveland-Cuyahoga partners with Cuyahoga County Job and Family Services to provide Youth and Young Adult Workforce services to Cuyahoga County residents through the Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program, also known as (CCMEP).

CCMEP provides individualized services to job seekers and students ages 14-24 through personalized assessments, goal setting, and service delivery.
Participants have access to job search assistance, paid work experience, credential training, financial literacy training, entrepreneurship development, and other wrap around supports based on their goals, skills, and interests.

Services are provided through OhioMeansJobs|Cleveland-Cuyahoga or in the community through one of our CCMEP Youth Services Providers.
To access services, give us a call (216)777-8200 and request a Youth Referral or contact one of our providers directly.

Youth Partners

Ohio Guidestone

Workforce 360, through OhioGuidestone provides programs for those ages 18-24, which include general job readiness and customer service training, as well as preparation for jobs in the following industries: healthcare, construction, and manufacturing.

Ohio Guidestone website

Towards Employment

Towards Employment’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through employment, by providing valuable programs and connecting you to the support you need. Whether you need housing, transportation, re-entry, or family support Towards Employment can help.

Towards Employment website

Cuyahoga Community College - Advanced Technology Academy

The Advanced Technology Academy (ATA) at Tri-C, offers students ages 17-24 classroom and hands-on instruction for in-demand careers. Earn while you learn! The ATA program offers students training at no cost and industry-recognized certificates.

Advanced Technology Academy website

Cuyahoga Community College - Youth Technology Academy

The Youth Technology Academy (YTA) at Tri-C, is where you can earn college credit in a STEM-based career path while still in high school. YTA is a one-of-a-kind program designed to train high school students for the technical workforce. This program gives students the opportunity to enroll in really exciting classes to learn coding, use drones, and build robots!

Youth Tech Academy website
Dynamic Logo

Dynamic Futures Program

Dynamic Workforce Solutions presents the Dynamic Futures Program. This customizable program gives each participant, ages 18-24, a unique experience based on their goals, skills, and interests. Through multiple in-person, online, or phone sessions, young adults work with career navigators to prepare for education or employment through a series of modules and activities designed to help them achieve their goals.

Dynamic Futures Program Open House